Dance Workshop

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today was my little girl's first dance recital.  This fall she started tap and ballet and although the first few weeks were quite the adjustment for my, then, two year old, it quickly became one of her favorite things to do.  She comes home from dance class every week showing us all the new dance steps.  So today we got a chance to see all her moves. But earlier this week, photos were in order. An arm, a leg, and a left kidney is the price for her to get pictures taken professionally at the school so most of the girls only participated in their group photo and these three little loves of mine got a photoshoot all their own!

Introducing :

Little Miss "Riyah"

Little Miss "Kay-Kay"

Little Miss "Zai Zai"

The Dance Crew:


...and two of my very favorites. Showing their true diva style!

These little mamas were all over the place and gave me quite the challenge but had me cracking up the whole time with all their silly antics and funky poses. This was a blast and I cant wait to shoot them again for next year's show!! :)


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