Boston Series: Haymarket Sq and Quincy Market

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being a total and complete history geek the one thing I can say I love about my city is its richness in history. One of my favorite places to witness signs of Boston's historical background is downtown at Haymarket Sq.  Here in this small square there is a mix of history, modernity, culture, and tourism. I was lucky enough to capture a couple of examples of this during my walk through Haymarket and also grab some bags of yummy fruit to help me through my Weight Watcher day ;)

Holocaust Memorial, 1995 
Your first sight entering into Haymarket Sq.

"The design utilizes uniquely powerful symbols of the Holocaust. The Memorial features six luminous glass towers, each 54 feet high. The towers are lit internally to gleam at night. They are set on a black granite path, each one over a dark chamber which carries the name of one of the principal Nazi death camps. Smoke rises from charred embers at the bottom of these chambers. Six million numbers are etched in glass in an orderly pattern, suggesting the infamous tattooed numbers and ghostly ledgers of the Nazi bureaucracy. Evocative and rich in metaphor, the six towers recall the six main death camps, the six million Jews who died, or a menorah of memorial candles." ~As seen on

Creek Sq and surrounding Areas
Creek Sq is one of my favorite spots in Boston! Its one place where you're completely surrounded by history and its like standing in the middle of the 1700's.

...and then of course there is Haymarket itself. With all it's city of Agraba loveliness (that's an Aladdin reference for all of you non-Disneyans), Haymarket has a range of sellers with an array of fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses, and breads.  All the colorful sellers and display of peoples of different ethnicities and origins make Haymarket a must do of Boston.

Take a step right across the street from Haymarket Sq and you enter Quincy Market made up of shops, restaurants, and street performers. Old architecture takes on a new flair with modern shops gracing their hallways.

Modern fixture in the center of history.

All her ducks lined up in a row getting ready for the performance.

Historical Reenactor

...and more vendors!!

I do love my city!!


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