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Sunday, July 17, 2011

As seen on MonkeySewFunky

I first came across these little treasures when hanging out in The Idea Room Community when guest blogger Little Eme posted this lovely tutorial.  I knew that I wanted to make one of these for my little girl but I figured it would be somewhere down the line since I hadnt touched a sewing machine since I was much younger.  But when Easter rolled around, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to make these little guys and  make them accessories to my easter baskets. 

But the sewing... oh the sewing. I had just purchased SEW workshop by to re-teach myself to sew and had also purchased my whole sewing kit but had yet to dust off the Singer. So instead of starting small, I decided to dive right in. I threaded that bad boy, which was a task in itself for a novice who didn't know enough about adjusting tension.  But I got it done!

The tutorial posted by Little Eme says that each of these bunnies should take about an hour and a half... It took me hours just to make one, lol. But like I said, I got it done and although their legs and arms arent completely even and their little bunny ears hang a little too far to the side, I love them!! ...and I hope the getters of these gifts will enjoy them as much as I do and treasure their cute little handmade bunniness.

Very straight forward and easy to do, these guys will add a little homeade flair to your baskets this Easter. Definitely give one of these little funny bunnies a try for the little ones in your life!!

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