A Mickey Mouse Extravaganza!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My family is going on a California vacation!

As you can see above in our little countdown, we are leaving in four days. We have collectively been UBER excited for this trip. It is very much overdue. We are headed to San Diego because the ZeeBee has never been to the zoo, so her first experience is going to be at the best Zoo in the US, the San Diego Zoo. She is so excited about this. She is always watching the zoo OnDemand and sees the kids feeding the animals and petting them and she can't wait! 

While we're there we are also going to be heading to SeaWorld and also, wait for it...wait for it...DISNEYLAND!! Now who do you think is excited about that?! ME!!!

I am a total Disneyholic. Completely in love with the place. Stick me in a tiny apartment on Main St. and I'll be happy and content. I've been to Disney World probably more than 10 times, but Disneyland, I've only been twice and I haven't been back since I was six years old!! It's like a homecoming for me! lol. Yes, I'm that excited. But the best part about it all ...Zee has no idea we're going! She only knows about the zoo and Seaworld. She has no idea that she's headed to Disney for a day and she's going to be so excited. She went to Disney World once as an infant so she has no memory of it whatsoever. This is going to be the best vacation!

So in honor of my return to Disneyland, I will be doing Disney themed features throughout the week before we leave. Today I will be starting with some of my favorite Disney crafts I have found on the blogs that I follow.

If you're a crafter who owns a cutter (Cricut/Silhouette) and you love Disney, then the Disney/Pixar Blog Hop is for you. Hosted by Crafty Chics Blog, this blog hop features all kinds of Disney projects like

These greeting cards by Tami's Craft Connection

this adorable growth chart by Funky Cards

...and this Toy Story layout by Jenny's Scrapbooking Haven

They will be hosting another Disney/Pixar blog hop September 24th & 25th.

For lots more Disney crafts visit http://family.go.com/crafts/

Tomorrow I will post Etsy Disney Finds and later this week I will be adding a Disney craft of my own for our Disneyland adventure!!



  1. I LOVE IT! You should change you VM back to disney tunes like in college! ;-)

  2. Hey make sure you come check out my fist gaveaway!! yay! http://christanncox.blogspot.com/2011/08/first-giveaway.html?spref=tw

  3. @Blaque LOL! I think about doing it all the time.