Please, Baby, Please

Sunday, August 21, 2011

So my little one has a very extensive library at the age of three. We have been buying her books since before she was born.  I've always believed it is really important that I instill in her at a very young age how important books are and to do my best to establish a love of reading in her.  I love to read! I never have time for it but when I do get a chance, I thoroughly enjoy it.  It keeps the brain going. All this to say, books are muy importante and right now ZeeBee has two favorites that she "reads" to me and just about has memorized and I must say, I do enjoy these books myself :)

Every page of this book keeps us giggling with the things this baby does that reminds me of things my little one would get into.  ...and the words of the parents begging, "Please, Baby" are like an echo of my everyday. ZeeBee loves this book and has every page memorized, right down to the last page that asks for Mama to give her a kiss goodnight and I gratefully oblige.

This was my absolute favorite book when I was a kid, and much like the Bee I had every word memorized and would "read" it to my mom over and over again. This is a great book because you can't just read it, it must be acted!  Grover is really afraid of the monster at the end of the book and you MUST NOT TURN THE PAGE!! lol. We just love it and Zee laughs and laughs as I get devastated at every page turn. We always have fun with this book. A definite must-read!

As our library grows bigger and bigger, I'm sure we'll have many more favorites and as she learns to really read them to me, I'll share more of our favorite kiddie reads!


  1. OMG I almost screamed when I saw Grover ! That was definitely a favorite when I was younger ... every page was soooooooooo overly dramatic. and the fact that I read it MORE than once lol...

  2. Lol... Isn't it just the greatest?! :)

  3. We have both of these books and my kids LOVE them both.