It is official...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Photographer ...Naturally will be changing it's name and its URL!

As I said previously, I really want to go forward with this blog encompassing all of the things that I like to do ...and that is a little bit of everything! I want to do this now before the blog moves forward anymore and so that I can link up some of my new projects with the new URL to avoid anymore dead links. So appropriately, the new name for the blog will be:

 Everything Under the Moon 

The URL change will most likely be taking place this weekend or early next week and I will put a forwarding link on to leading you over to the new site. So anyone who follows this feed in their reader will have to update to the new URL. Everyone else should be okay.  There will be a lot of dead links from linking up and for my features. I will try to contact the people who featured this blog to update the links if possible but as far as the link ups, I will link up the same projects again just so people have the updated information.

I look forward to the new name (and eventually updated look)!! You will start to see the changes on the blog starting today. I will update the name on everything EXCEPT for the URL which will change within a week's time to try to give everyone a chance to read about the name change before the new address takes affect.

I hope you all enjoy the new content coming your way and the newly named Everything Under the Moon!!


  1. Congrats...and thanks for joining my newbie party. Glad to have you and hope to see you again.