NEVER getting twists again!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


I took out my twists. After only 5 weeks, they're gone. The fuzz ball that were my twists have been removed from head. My hair grew out of them in no time and I found myself re-twisting them over and over again.  It just wasn't worth it anymore because I wasn't really protecting my hair if I was constantly touching anyway. As if that weren't bad enough...

When I took the twists out my hair was full of knots!! Even though I was EXTRA careful when taking them down. My hair was shedding like crazy and I lost so much hair!! The amount of hair I sacrificed to the floor and drain is unprecedented. Never in the history of doing my own hair have I seen so many single strand knots.  ...and can you say severely thinned out? Yeah. Needless to say, now I need to go in for another trim even though its against the Protective Style Challenge rules and then Im basically starting all over again with shorter hair. I didn't take a picture to share before I pulled my hair up because I was just so angry at the damage but lets just say this big beautiful healthy hair seen in this here screenshot

is not quite the same :(  Oh the journey through natural hair.

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  1. Ooooh, that sucks! After having it twisted for 5 weeks you should have a lot of shed hairs, but not so much that your hair is thinner.