Hmm... That's Pinteresting {no.4}

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Taking a break from the holiday decor and snackies and in honor of a project I am currently working on, today I am featuring...

DIY Lamps and Lampshades

You are about to be light fixture inundated!!

I love these lampshades with script on them. They make me think of a beautifully written novel on a piece of parchment. Lyrical almost. Beautiful.

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Such vibrant color. How beautiful. The red is gorgeous and that deep blue is beautiful. I always think of light pastel colors but these bold colors make a statement.

nightstands, lamp DIY     DIY lamp idea
                                {Le Musings of Moi}                           {}

Painted prints and stencils are definitely a thought in my mind for this project. I love the Parisian feel of this bee painting and the chic feeling it gives to the room.  The flower stencil gives off such a soft and calming aura.

diy lamp update     Painted Bee Lampshade DIY
                                {I Heart Organizing}                     {From Gardners to Bergers}

I am definitely leaning towards either a lace or fabric look. The lace has an exquisite look and the black fabric lace like print with turquoise accents is just gorgeous. It looks like it belongs in the bedroom of Marie Antoinette.

This billowing fabric is to die for!! First we see it dressing up a side table and then looking completely precious on a nursery table.

lampshade    DIY lamp.
{A Bowl Full of Lemons}                    {Dear Lillie Blog}

This ribbon is too cutesy and perfect for a little kids room!!

DIY Lampshade
{Source Unknown}


These lamps doesn't really have much to do with the project I am working on but they are just lovely anyway.


I've seen this doily lamp many times on Pinterest and in blogdom and its just so creative and pretty that I couldn't pass it by for this feature.

This is so mad hatter tea party and I adore Alice in Wonderland. I had an Alice in Wonderland baby shower when ZeeBee was born and my sister (who hosted) did a wonderful job. She even painted the roses red! This is a lamp after my own heart.

Pinned Image
{Source Unknown}

The creativity of some people amazes me. Utensils as a lampshade?! Inspire me, much?

Ok. Im done!  I know that was a lot but there were so many great lamp pins, I couldn't help myself!!

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  1. Love all the lamps!
    Thanks for featuring our Lace Lamp Shade!

    The Sisters at Add Some Paint

  2. Love this collection of Lamp Shades! And thank you so much for featuring ours.

  3. So much eye candy! Thanks for the shout out!


  4. These are sooooooo amazing!!!! I love this post and your blog is filled with so much inspiration. xoxo


  5. Love the new blog! And what a fun post!

  6. Those lamp shades are fabulous!

    ~Mrs. Delightful