Thursday, October 20, 2011

Patiently (or rather impatiently) I had been awaiting this birth. 

My close friends were having their first baby and the excitement of our group of friends was above and beyond.  For months the excitement was building and we couldn't wait to meet the newest edition of our crew. 

...and then she came. 

Baby Isabella was born and I was blessed with the opportunity to take some of her very first photos!
It was quite the ordeal being that my camera was temporarily on the fritz and I had to shoot with a ...Nikon!! (ew, ;)) that I was attempting to maneuver (who woulda thunk they'd be so different), so that was a challenge.  But I loved every minute of photographing Baby Bella!!


Grow up beautifully baby girl and know that you are greatly loved and blessed with two of the most wonderful parents any child could ask for. 

* * *

Thank you to the new parents for allowing me to share in the joy of your amazing blessing.  Love you :)

* * *


  1. Wonderful job - these are amazing!!

  2. Welcome to the world, Isabella!

    Nikki, I love your photography and and post processing style. I'm looking forward to enjoying your blog.

    One of your newest members and fellow Canon-girl,
    Libby :-)

  3. She is beautiful!

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  4. @Amanda Anne Thanks so much!! :)

    @Libby Yay for Canon!!:p Thank you for following along and I favorited your Etsy page :)

    @Our Delightful Home Isn't she just?!