Trick or Treat and all that relish...

Monday, October 31, 2011

I looove Halloween.

It is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas.  I celebrate it big every year! I never miss the chance to dress up!! I trick or treated until I was 19!!, *clears throat*, got a little excited there, did I just say that out loud? Well anyway... when ZeeBee was born I couldn't wait to get her all cute for Halloween. Her first year, my mom picked out her costume. I had an identical costume to it a few years back, so she figured it'd be cute ...and it was pretty darn cute!

Avid Tigger collector, here.

The next year, ZeeBee was talking a bit and her favorite word was "puppy". She used it in every gibberish ridden sentence she said and so it was only appropriate...

Unfortunately, this is one of the only pictures I have. I had taken a lot of pictures of her in her costume along with pictures of she, Mr. Moon, and I carving pumpkins together but somehow when I went to look at the pictures, they were all erased. I chalked it up to the ghost in my camera due to me taking pictures in a graveyard the week before 0_o ...but I cried over that little loss. 

Last year, my girl was old enough to pic out her own costume and did she do a good job or what?!

...and now this year, all she kept saying is, "I wanna be a butterfly!" so she's a butterfly :)

Sorry for the crappy camera pic. My Canon is on the brink. Shutter issues. 

To add to the fun, today is picture day at school! We have lots of regular pics (since they take pics twice a year) so now she's going to have one all dressed up like a beautiful butterfly. She wasn't all that excited about the idea of school today, dressed up or not, she just kept saying, "I wanna go Trick or Treating." 

Tonight, baby girl, tonight.


  1. i am loving these momma/daughter costumes. heck yeah, this is a way to dress up as an adult, too-so the question is, what are YOU going to be to complement the butterfly this year?

  2. She is too cute :) I love that her school portrait is today. How fun!

  3. @the cape on the corner Lol. Mommy was broke this year so I just recycled a hollywood starlet costume I had. It did the job ;)

  4. She is adorable! Love all the costumes!

  5. Aw your girl is so sweet! I LOVE her as jasmine!!

  6. Hi, Nikki

    I just love your pictures. Sweet! By the way, I have pass an award to you, click here:

    Have a great week.


  7. She is beautiful. I cant wait until my Kynlea can pick hers out. Very cute.

  8. oh my gosh.. lovely lovely costumes.. Super impressive!!