Random Act of Kindness Week: Day 7 and Linky Party

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The time is here...

for you to link up your Random Acts of Kindness!!!

For my final act of kindness (this week, anyway) I am donating toys for underprivileged children. Perfect time of year for this! You guys would be surprised how many organizations will not accept used toy donations. It's kind of sad really because they're barely used and the kids would love them. I can understand the hospitals because of infection, etc. but the orphanages too!!  Every place wants to take them to sell them :(

What nice thing did you do this week? Tell us all about it!! Haven't completed an act of kindness yet? There is still time!! The linky party will be up all weekend to give you time to complete one final act of kindness!!

Thanks you to everyone who participated (or will participate) in this week's event! It means so much to me but I'm sure it meant that much more to the recipients of your kindness :)

(Please link only to your Random Act of Kindness or a post including an act of kindness. Our regular Bedazzle Me Monday linky will be up tomorrow night :))


  1. my Random act is not so random...No matter what, when I am checking out in a store, I try to be extra sweet to the clerks...This time of year, one person can change their whole attitude about the human race..(its usually bad, and I am usually right behind that person in line) So I go out of my way to Thank and be kind to the person helping me. You can't believe how just simply being kind and patient can change a persons attitude...(don't get me wrong, If I am in a rush, it takes a lot for me to just say....being impatient is not going to speed things up)....So there is my random act of kindness...just being kind...:)

  2. My family's random act of kindness--using couponing to donate to food banks and animal shelters. My husband and I love to find free or nearly free deals to donate to those in need. For the most part, we do not shop on Black Friday. However, we do brave the crowds to go to the pet stores to pick up great deals for our local shelter.

    Nikki--thanks for coming up with the idea for everyone to share their acts of kindness!

    Mel S.

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this awesome party, Nikki...it really is amazing how just one simple little thing change a person's whole on life...and it's not hard to be kind...it's fun...and rewarding...

  4. I don't have a link to link up, so I'll write it here. At this time of year I do my usual three things minimum. I send donations for the downtown Mission to provide meals for the homeless, my kids and I make sure to purchase a gift from World Vision to provide families with goats, pigs or chickens to help provide a source of income and food, and then just 'because', I'll go through the drive thru window of the local Tim Hortons and randomly buy the car behind me their coffee. It's something that gives me great joy and things I hope my children will keep up.

  5. I didn't link up since I didn't write my post on someday crafts, but I did some nice things for people this week. Shoveled walks, took presents, gave rides, and babysat for free! Thanks for the week!

  6. I also didn't do any write ups--but it was on my mind all week. I picked up and delivered a prescription for an old lady I just met who lives around the corner for me, had a bunch of friends (and some new people) come to my house for a soup lunch on Tuesday and we donated some toys and supplies for a military drive. Thanks for keeping it in my mind!