Heart and Moon

Friday, December 9, 2011

There are so many wonderful traditions this time of year. Recently some very good friends of mine, Oscar and Karla, shared with me one of their holiday traditions that I just had to share with you guys (...and steal for myself ;))

In my family, we kind of have our own ornament tradition. Every year my mom buys each of us a new ornament to add to our tree. This is generally the same idea of their tradition but their idea is fine tuned a bit. Every year since they have been married, they go out in search for a heart ornament to add to their Chrismas tree to signify their love. There are many heart ornaments on their tree but this year's ornament seemed a little bit more special. This year they welcomed their first child, Isabella, into the home and in their search for a heart ornament, came across the perfect ornament to signify both their love and their new family.

This three teired heart from Papyrus is completely beautiful and so perfectly frames their new beginnings and this lovely tradition that I had absolutely no choice but to take on this tradition myself.

So starting this year Zee and I will be adding our first moon ornament to our tree. Every year from now on we will look for a new unique moon to become a part of our tradition. This year we have chosen this cutie pie Charming Tails moon and mouse ornament.  It is perfect for Zee's age and incorporates our special moon perfectly.

I am so happy about our new found tradition! As Zee gets older it will be fun to head out with her for Christmas and search out the perfect addition to our ornament collection.  Thank you to my dear friends for sharing this wonderful tradition with us! One day we will have a tree filled with moons to remember all the special Christmases we have spent together.


  1. I really love the ornament they chose. I absolutely love hearts on anything. That is so sweet to keep their love going year after year and now to share that love with a new addition.

    Also, I love your moon ornament! So adorable.

  2. such a cute tradition :)

  3. So sweet! We do kind of the same thing...every year my husband and I add a star to our tree for us...an angel for Kinsley, a snowman for Gray & a Santa for Ty...;)

    Love Zee's darling little moon...