Santa Claus = A Mother's Love

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My mother is a big kid at heart. She has always been the mom who participated in our imaginations.  She danced and sang with us to kiddie songs, she got more excited about watching cartoons than we did, and when we had imaginary friends, she always interacted with them.  I'll never forget how she stopped in front of a random school once and opened up the door to pick up my little sisters imaginary friends from school. She made sure that she always encouraged our creativity and embraced our innocence.

 The same was true for Christmas time.  She went the extra step to make sure we knew Santa was real. When we woke up, the cookies for Santa were eaten, the vegetables for the reindeer were nibbled, and there was a letter from Santa wishing us a Merry Christmas. Mummy and Daddy presents were wrapped under the tree and Santa presents were left unwrapped with fully stuffed stockings to make a real distinction. She took every extra step to make sure it all stayed real for us. 

This year my Zee is finally at an age where she can notice little details like this and I am surely going to be carrying on those traditions. I am now Mummy and I will be baking cookies for Santa to eat, leaving carrots and/or celery for the reindeer to munch, and wrapping the Mummy and Daddy presents so Santa can leave his unwrapped gifts straight from his pack!

I think my mother going the extra mile was a true show of her love. She loved us enough to protect our childish whims and feed our fantasies and that little bit of magic made all the difference in the way we see the world today.


  1. aw sweet photo!!!! I love that every time I come over here there's something new with the design I swear haha!

  2. PS our presents from santa were always not wrapped either, best way to go!

  3. That's so sweet. Your mom sounds amazing.

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  4. Oh how cool! I have never heard of Santa not wrapping his gifts!!! That's the best idea! Wonder if the kids would buy it now??? Santa always wraps our kids' gifts in red paper...;)

  5. What a cool mom! how cute that she stopped to pick up your sister's 'friend' I love it. Santa is so fun to play with the kiddos!

  6. that's so sweet! it's all about keeping the magic for them, isn't it? thanks again for linking up!