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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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I remember the first camera I owned. It was a kodak camera like this, with drop in film that had a canister on each end.  I was about nine and most of mine and my sisters pictures were of the floor and walls, super extra close pictures of people's faces, or great pictures with our thumbs blocking it.  We did get a couple of good shots but I distinctly remember a lot of thumbs.

And this camera was the one my mom had when we were kids. This is what she used to take the hundreds and hundreds of baby and childhod pictures that she took of us.  I think part of my love for photography came from my mom and her need to capture every
moment of our existence.

Those cameras hold fond memories but the cameras that catch my eye are older still. 

The flex cameras steal my heart! At an antique store this summer there was one sitting there just waiting to be bought but it wasn't in good shape and wasnt opening right. If it had been, I promise you, it would have been owned! 

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I dont know if it's the photographer or the historian in me but something about an old school camera is exciting ...not to mention how fun it is to decorate with them! 
{1. Kay Ellen 2. Cuba Gallery 3. ASP Photography Studio}

This camera isn't actually vintage but it's an oldie but goodie for me. It's my first SLR, a Pentaz ZX-60! ...and it's film ;)

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  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vintage Cameras... I just recently found one... I did a post on it here http://shoprubyjean.com/2012/01/my-newvintage-camera/

    Do you develop your own film..??

  2. I would love to have a shelf full of vintage cameras :)

  3. Thank you for your post. I am just getting started and purchased my first dslr a few months ago. Love it!! I am still reading and playing around with it.