Where have I been?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Once again I have been MIA for a week and I apologize. I spent almost the whole week at home taking care of a sick munchkin.  Zee had a fever that would not break.  We have had a week full of sleepless nights, sleeping on the floor, sleeping sitting up ...and I am exhausted!! Today was our first fever free, normal day since last Saturday. Thank God!! 

I'd like to say I got some things done during this time but that would be a lie.  I spent most of my time attending to her but I did get to rock her to sleep numerous times which she NEVER lets me do anymore and I enjoyed every minute of that part.

So tonight we're hoping for restful sleep since I return to work in the a.m.and she returns to school but I doubt that. Her nose is still stuffy and she has a pretty bad cough leftover so she may be up off and on crying like she has the last few nights but I'm praying she, well we, get the rest we need.  Her energy is up and she's herself all day so I hope tomorrow is good for her.

All this to say, sorry for my absence but I will have new posts this week and, of course, our linky party will go live tonight!

Glad to be back!! :)


  1. Oh Nikki I am so sorry to hear that... It's a TERRIBLE thing when your child is sick... You feel so helpless as you watch them suffer... I remember having to sleep outside on our Balcony ALL night when our son would get the Croup... I pray that you are able to get that FULL nights rest and I pray that Zee continues to get better with each new day...

  2. It's so hard having sick babies!!! I hope she feels completely well soon and that you get a good night's sleep. Fingers crossed that you don't get sick as well!