Becoming a blogger was a SMART decision...

Friday, February 17, 2012

...because you meet the most wonderful people!!!  Have you guys met Maggie? She's been here before and I don't know if you got a chance to stop by her amazing blog, but Maggie of Midwestern Sewing Girl totally rocks uncontrollably!!

So here's the story. 
Maggie and I met awhile back when we were both contestants in American Crafter. Since then, I have guest posted on her blog and she has taken part in the holiday party on mine and she has overall just been an awesome friend and super cool blogger.

About two weeks ago, I was visiting Midwestern Sewing Girl and saw Maggie's Smartie Valentines and I was in love because, for those who don't know, I am a Smartie addict. Ok, so if we have to get technical, I am a sugar addict. Like, a hardcore sugar addict and my sugar of choice is candy. NO not chocolate. I like the occasional piece of chocolate but candy is my weakness. Smarties, Sprees, Sour Patch Kids, Gobstoppers... the whole shebang!!

I digress... 
So when I mentioned my addiction to the lovely Maggie, she informed me that she was hosting a Smarties giveaway on her blog the following Monday.

Be still my 

...and she was giving away types of Smarties I didn't even know existed!! Oh yeah!!! I was heading back on Monday and I was taking home the prize!! Except... took over and I completely forgot!!! BLAST IT ALL TO H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.  By the time I made it to the blog on Friday, the giveaway had ended.  I contacted Maggie in a sheer panic calm manner and let her know I couldn't believe I missed the giveaway, with no other thought in mind than to share my disbelief at my absent mindedness about something I loved so much ...and do you know what this lovely lady did?!   She told me she was sending me some from her personal stash!!!

...and she did!!!

Imagine my excitement when I returned home today after a long (and actually pretty tough) week and saw this... three, two, one...


I couldn't believe all the yumminess packed into this perfect package.

Seriously, how awesome is Maggie for sharing with me?

1. Fell in love with blogging
2. Met the wonderful Maggie
3. Addiction ...FED!

Seriously, though. This is the most awesome thing about blogging! Not free candy.  The fact that I have "met" some of the most wonderful, creative, sweet, fun people.  When going into this blogging venture, I figured I would be sharing some of myself with others but I didn't even realize that it also meant learning so much about others and coming in contact with so many wonderful people.

If you guys haven't already "met" Maggie, please head over to Midwestern Sewing Girl and meet this beautiful lady, I am proud to call "friend".  Also, while you're there, make sure you check out Step Outside Your Comfort Zone. This is an awesome new series that is going to be taking place at MSG where Maggie will be featuring people doing things that they wouldn't normally do. Basically, anything you hold back from doing out of fear or procrastination etc. DO IT! and then tell Maggie all about it and you could be featured!! This is a really cool new series so make sure you check it out.  I know I've got a whole laundry list worth of stuff I want to do!!

Thank you so much, Maggie for sending me this amazing package and for being such a magnificent person and dynamite friend!!

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