A Different Lens

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sometime in starting this walk you feel like a bit of an outcast from the normal world which is a plus that can sometimes disguise itself as a minus.  Feeling differently about things that are just so normal for everyone, things that are normal for you, can be quite the battle ...and then there are the people. The people who don't get it.  The people in your life that you love but don't see things quite the way you see them.  There are those who can't see what you see and wish they could and are happy you can but then there are those who can't see what you see, don't want to, and don't really want you to either.  They want who they know back and you can almost get where they're coming from but there's nothing you can do about it.  This isn't an ugly trend that you fell in love with and can let go when your friends tell you it's ugly ...this is literally the difference between life and death.  LITERALLY.

You have to accept being an outsider.

I won't stay here another night
If I gotta sacrifice
Who I am on the inside
I'd rather be an outsider
And you can stay if you like
I'll see you on the other side
I wanna live the free life
I'd rather be an outsider

It's a different language ...a different lens. This was part of the topic of bible study this past week. We hear with different ears and see with different eyes. Eyes and ears filtered through the Spirit of God. It's jibberish to others, nonsense even and we have to accept as people taking this walk that it's okay to sound like a fool because it's a different kind of wisdom.  The wisdom of the world is only what real fools can hear. If what we understand is considered foolishness then we must become "fools" to the world to live wisely in the Spirit. 


I guess I'm an outsider and a fool. #kanyeshrug ;)

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