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Monday, February 21, 2011

A natural who shows us that locs can be both versatile and beautiful!!
"To each its own! YOU DO YOUR HAIR, I DO MINE! ;-) "

How long have you been natural? 
BC (Big Chop) December '05/  Loc'd (Twisted up) February  '07 ( I just had my 4 year Lociversary) -Total Almost 6 years

Do you remember your first relaxer? If so, how old were you?
No, I don't remember, but I'm sure I was in Jr. High

What made you go natural? 
I was tired of the burnt scalps and hair breakage from relaxers. I was sick of the WEAVES, SEWING, GLUE, BRAIDS, etc. I had been wearing some type of weave since grade school.  I felt the need to start over! ALL THE WAY OVER!

Why did you choose locs over free strands? 
I wanted something more "permanent. I think "locs", when done correctly and are well maintained, are the sexiest of natural hair styles for both women and men.  

What reactions did you get from going natural? 
Back when  I went natural, going natural wasn't so trendy. I received a few "Oh My God!", "What were you thinking!?!", "It's BEAUTIFUL!", and "You make me want to cut all my hair off!". Needless to say, there were many MIXED reactions! LOL!

Have you had any negative comments/reactions to your natural hair? 
Yes of course, from those who don't understand "Natural Hair" or "Locs"! In the beginning, the most common comment was "DreadLocs are so unprofessional!"(Good thing mine are "LOCS" and not "DreadLocs") Being that I was just graduating college during my transition, a trending comment was "How do you EXPECT to get a job with those?"

Do you have any hair inspirations? 
Not really. If I see a style that I like rather natural or not, I push to see if my Locs can rock it! No boundaries! When I go into my loctician I describe how I wanna feel when I look in the mirror at my style. (i.e sexy, classy, with a little bit of edge) We sit there and tweak it until I feel those exact emotions. 

Do you have a hair regimen? If so, what is it? 
Not really. My hair lets me know what it needs and when it needs it. 

What are your favorite hair products? 
I'm still working out the bugs on my favorite product. I know I love ALL NATURAL products! NATURAL OILS AND PRODUCTS THAT HELP WITH DRYNESS! NO SULFATES! 

What are your thoughts on relaxers vs. natural hair? 
To each its own! YOU DO YOUR HAIR, I DO MINE! ;-) I'm not an "Oooooo if your hair isn't NATURAL YOU ARE THE DEVIL!", natural hair advocate. :-/  I'm more of a "This is my hair, my locs, and this is why I LOVE them!" natural hair advocate.  :-)

How do you feel about the natural movement and the idea that it's just  a trend? 
If its a movement "HOT DAMN!" there's nothing wrong with that! If its a trend, I've seen worse! (I.e Myspace!)

Any interesting fact about yourself you want to share: 
Not only is my hair natural, but I like to say I'm ALL NATURAL! I also don't wear make-up.

Where can we find you on the internet? 
On Twitter @BlaqueKilam


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