Crappiness becomes AWESOMENESS!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What a wonderfully craptastic day I had yesterday ...and when I have days like that I find it completely necessary to find awesomeness online to bring out my inner rockstar and keep me laughing.

For some reason this keeps me laughing for days...

Brittany Gibbons, my ultimate guilty pleasure of the blog, Barefoot Foodie. This beautiful lady never fails to make me laugh!  Her blog is so true to life and she always cheers me up by taking a not so great situation and finding the light side of it. Definition: Awesome.

Yes, I love Twitter. I fought the revolution for a long time ...hard. But I gave in, I joined, and Im addicted. I go on Twitter and I get to meet people who make me laugh, make me think, and inspire me.  Of course there is the occasional pain in the youknowwhat but overall, I get to connect with some really kool people and I love it.

What in the world did I do before Pinterest?  Bookmark? Yeah, I dont know but I've found it and hold it dear to my heart. So. Much. Awesomeness in one place. Everything I find and love on the internet just held securely online for me to go back to. Instead of saving bookmarks to my hard drive and then not having them when I need them and I'm on an alternate computer. Boo to bookmarks! Yes to Pinterest!

My love for Flickr knows no end. Jam packed with inspiration and knowledge, the photographers on here are uber talented! I spend time on Flickr learning great techniques and exploring new ideas. It's the home of my 365 project and the place I go to be surrounded by my fellow artists.

Need I say more ...and now Photographer ...Naturally is a proud member ;)

...and finally the place where all inspiration and awesomeness meets, Google Reader.

I adore my reader. I follow hundreds of blogs, no joke, and my reader keeps them all in perfect order for me. Hair, fashion, crafts, food, art! If Google shut down today, I'd be lost without all of my bloggy favs! I love finding new blogs with new people teaching me new things.

Of course, I spend my time on many other sites but these are my favs for laughter and inspiration on a day when I'm feeling gloomy. Yes, yesterday was crappy but today, I woke up in better spirits.  I'm half way through this day and so far, I've rocked it!!


  1. Wowwwwwwww at the eyes on the Cookie Monster cookie attempt... It's like if Cookie Monster and Sloth from "The Goonies" had a baby! ROTFLMAO

  2. LOL! The "Nailed It." gets me every time!