Talk About It Tuesday: Natural Hair vs. Education?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Correlation Between Natural Hair and Education ...or lack there of?  by

I recently came across this post on, a blog specializing in curls, kinks, and coils. I took interest to this topic and started thinking about how it applied to my circle of friends. While all my friends that are well educated are not natural, all of my friends that are natural do seem to be well educated. I find this very interesting because, like the writer of the article touched upon, I think that natural hair does carry with it a necessary insight into self. In a society where it has been practically the norm to wear your hair relaxed, naturals are popping up everywhere and accepting their hair for what it is. To do that, I think it takes a real sense of self satisfaction because of the negative stereotypes and obstacles that one may face.  A high percentage of people who are natural have become aware of the damage or adverse effects relaxers can cause and accepting and maintaining natural hair, for many, is not a simple thing. It takes time and research and really getting to no one's self and what works for your individual hair type and in that way, there is a link between natural hair and education. In no way does that mean well educated people are JUST naturals! 

I never really thought about this on a conscious level but realized some truth in the correlation due to this article.  I find irony in the fact that the negative connotations of natural hair and its parallels to the times of slavery and the "uneducated negro" are now being seen as signs of education, strength, and self love.

Any thoughts?

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  1. hmm, interesting topic...I do seem to find a lot more naturals to be educated, but I can't necessarily say it makes naturals more conscious

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