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Friday, September 30, 2011

What are you favorite ways to accessorize your hair?

A lot of us natural hair girls love to accentuate our hair with cutesy little hair bobs. For me, two of my favorite ways to accessorize my hair is with decorative headbands and flowers.  They make all kinds of different headbands now that are perfect for updos or even afros. Faux flowers come in every size and color that you can think of. I like to use these once in awhile to add a soft touch to my puff.

But another one of my favorite ways to accessorize my natural hair has nothing to do with my hair and everything to do with my ears! Ornate and/or big earring are one of my absolute favorite ways to accessorize. When my hair is pulled off of my face, there is nothing better than a big pair of earrings to add to the beauty of my natural hair. Or, even when I pull my hair completely up with a turban, my earrings help to beautify it.  

I've seen lots of girls dress up their hair with shells and feathers and so many creative little accents that make their already beautiful hair that much more extravagant.

How do you fancy up your hair?


  1. Great ideas! I love me some flowers & headbands. In fact, I've been known to "borrow" some of my daughter's flower clips.

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