It smells like Autumn.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I know that we have another few days of "summer" to go but the last few days, the weather could have had me fooled. It has definitely been crispy cold picking, hayride, trick or treating weather.  My relationship with fall goes back and forth between love and hate.  There is nothing I despise more than being cold.  That chill in the air makes me sad because I know dreary, wet, sloppy, and gloomy winter is right around the corner. I live in New England and our winters are no walk in the park.  BUT, I think it's a very beautiful time of year as far as the foliage is concerned and I love Halloween and knowing that the other holidays are right around the corner ...and everything goes back into motion.  All the shows start their new seasons (except True Blood who just ended their season, BOO!) and my little girl gets to go back to dance and start a new school year.

ZeeBee officially started pre-school this year. Same school. New classroom ...and this year, she has homework!

I cant believe my baby is doing homework!  It is the cutest thing and she is so excited about doing it and we all know that wont last for long.

...and how happy was she when I told her we were headed back to dance class? This happy!

So you know Mummy couldn't help but snap some extra pics of my tiny dancer. 

Welcome Back!!
As sad as I am about the end of summer (which is REALLY sad), I'm welcoming fall this year and all the fun new adventures it brings.

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