Seeking Creativity: SOWA Boston

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today me and my crew spent the day down at SOWA, an open market in Boston that includes farmer's markets, food vendors, artists, and crafters.  There is also an indoor antiques shop that sells all kinds of items from clothes to jewelry, from old photos to skeleton keys. I was completely overwhelmed with awesomeness!!

{Fall is here}.

Some of the great shops! Sorry don't have the names for all of them :(

They had the absolutely cutest coasters!! Right off the bat there were about three sets that I wanted to buy and that was at first glance

Absolutely adorable prints!

The bracelets and pendants were so cool! They included designs from classic tales such as Alice in Wonderland and The Tell-Tale Heart (personal favorites of mine!)

Tiny little apothecary jars. Yes, please!

Handblown glass pumpkins!!

SERIOUSLY! This place! OMG. Grilled cheese. So yummy.

Fresh baked bread. They had baby spinach, onion, and garlic bread ~mmm

You weren't allowed to take pictures in the antique shop, so here are some EVO pics from me to you ;)

I wanted everything. Luckily I had some self control and only came out with these lovely little finds. 

The washboard is from a company called E. Murdoch and Co. which produced washboards, tubs, and pails and operated under this name until about 1892.

The Atlas jars are from the Hazel-Atlas glass company that was founded in 1902 and was the alrgest glass producer in the world in the 1930s.  I love that they have their original closure mechanisms still attached. They were a must have and I got an awesome deal on them!

One of the best parts about the vendors there is that most of them have Etsy stores (or websites)! I collected a bunch of cards for online shopping. Here are some of my favorites:

and lastly, me and my girl!!

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  1. OH what a fun day! I LOVE anything Hazel Atlas -- just bought a few ink wells of theirs a while back. Your jars are spectacular!

  2. This looks like the perfect day to me! What great finds, especially that washboard...LOVE it!

    PS I have a $50 cash giveaway going on on my blog right now. Come by when you get a chance! :)

  3. Oh how fun! Looks like you had a great time. I love the washboard too! The jars are fun as well. I love stuff like that. I have an old wooden clothes wringer that belonged to my grandma and I *cherish* it. I'll have to check out some of the links you posted. ♥

  4. Awesome pics!!! Looks like you all had an absolutely amazing day!!

    Newest follower!

  5. I would have had a blast there! The girls look adorable in the knit hats and you got some great finds.

  6. Oh what a fun outing!!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!!!