Hmm... That's Pinteresting {no.2}

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Time for the newest edition of "Hmm... That's Pinteresting"!!

Sorry for the delay, guys. I'm two whole days late posting this but I've been knee deep in projects for challenges and competitions, I'm having a blast, but I've been exhausted.  I actually fell asleep while on Pinterest Monday night researching today's edition.  Then when I finally got on Pinterest again to look for projects, I kept getting an error message that something was wrong with the site.  Booo!! Finally tonight I have the chance to finish this and Pinterest is on my side!!

This week's edition is sticking with the halloween/fall theme but today I am featuring:


Yummerz! So many cool cupcake creations on Pinterest. You guys are super talented!!

This variety of scary creatures and items is super creepily cute!!

Mmm...yummy brains! Disgustingly cool brainy cupcakes. Creeptastic!

These are so bright and festive!! I love the little characters and the pumpkins are just darling.

How cool!! Creme filled cupcakes, candy corn style!

Oh how I love Jack Skellington. These cupcakes are the absolute cutest. I love the black and white swirls.

Sooo creative. I love the use of pretzels in these skeleton cupcakes. I definitely want to try these!

Witchy-poo! Don't they just look like they eat little children baked in the oven of their house made of gingerbread?

Amy Atlas always finds the cool stuff. These festive cakes are perfectly gorgeous!

So colorful and cute. These remind me of the martians on Sesame Street ..."yiiiiiiiip yip yip yip yip" (am I alone on this one??)

There were so many other awesome cupcakes on Pinterest but I could only feature a few.  To see these and many other cool and creative pins, follow me on Pinterest!! 

Any blog that was featured, feel free to grab a feature button!!  Stay tuned for the next edition of
Hmm... That's Pinteresting


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