Saturday Selfie {no.1}

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Awhile back I had been working on a self portrait 365 project. I had to take a picture of myself everyday for a year.  I decided to stop that project for two reasons. One, I have taken on a lot of projects since then and I just couldn't fit in a picture of myself every single day and two, I was tired of seeing my own face!

I knew that I would miss the project though because it did have a lot of fun points to it.

* * *
So now, I have decided to participate in Saturday Selfies. Every Saturday that I can I am going to post a self portrait. I'll start off sharing some from my 365 with you and then I'll add on new ones when I can.

This is my first Saturday Selfie!! :)

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  1. aww, i think this is an adorable picture :)

  2. this is a fun idea! : )
    you make such a cute clown, haha. : )

  3. Nice to meet you! Cute blog ya got here! Thanks so much for stopping by and following! I'm following!

    xo sherri

  4. Thank you guys for stopping and checking out my pic!! :)