I just realized....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

My baby is officially 3.5 years old. Monday was her half birthday. I cant believe it. It went by so fast and yet it seems like forever.  I only vaguely remember life without her and now my every day is consumed with her  ...in the best way ever. That little girl, what a character. She makes me laugh. Boy, does she make me laugh. She went from being this little stranger in my belly to becoming this spunky, super smart person. She's a little person! ...with a mind all her own.

...and she loves me. Boy, does she love me and I love her with a kind of love that I could never have even realized existed until she came along. A love filled with joy and riddled with fear.  Why is this world so scary??  Did any of you realize what a scary place this world was before your little ones came along, because I sure didn't?  Even a springy bed is a scary place!! Would've never thunk it when it was me jumping high in the sky on my mother's bed.  But that protective love makes everything look like a danger.  And now she's 3.5 and she wants to face so many of those things, to try things out, to feel her way, to learn about the world and it's scary ...for me!!!

She's full of stubborness. She won't listen to anyone on the first go round. She will test me, and test me, and test me. But that little girl, in all her freshness and badness and fighting to be her own person and not follow the rules, she still manages to light up the room!! She brings joy to all who encounter her.  A sense of humor like no other. Ever so goofy. So much fun!!

I love her. I love her like crazy. She said to me the other day, "Mummy, I'm thankful for you."  How could I not melt?  If she only knew the amount of thankfulness and humility that live inside of me for just being allowed to be her mother. For being blessed so fully without deserving it. My terror ...what an angel ...and I love her, I love her like crazy. She's my baby.

My baby is three and a half.