12 Days of Christmas - Cookie Tradition

Friday, December 16, 2011

{Lovingly Thrown Together}

Send them yummies with Esther's wonderful new tradition!!

* * *

Hello! My name is
Esther.  I blog over at Lovingly ThrownTogether.
I am so excited to be celebrating this
great season here at Everything Under the Moon.

Nikki is so nice to host this… so let’s get to it!

This is me after a normal day... gobbling down some cookies. Typical.
A little background: growing up my family
didn’t really have any traditions.
I mean… of course we put up a Christmas
tree at home
and for a short while my mom displayed a
nativity scene.
Other than that Christmas was just a time
to shop and have parties.
I was always bummed out about that.
Before my husband and I married in 2009

we agreed that we both wished to foster a tradition-rich
home when we had a family.

Well, our little guy was born in 2010
and while we tried to do a few special things
for the holidays,
the newness of our life as parents was just too
and I couldn’t handle introducing or enforcing any family traditions.

So – long story short – this year has
been THE year.

I’ve been working hard to lead us in
reflecting on “the reason for the season.”
By doing simple things... I still can’t handle major
Like baking tons of cookies and listening to Christmas music.




 I was inspired by Tracie at TSJ Photography

and decided we would celebrate the Christmas season
by delivering bags of cookies to our friends and family.

I printed out some cards explaining why they are randomly receiving a batch of cookies.
Tape them on the box or bag… and that’s it!

It's a simple thing to do but it brightens up people's days.



So what’s the point of me telling you all this?
Well, whether we share the same beliefs about Christmas or not,
I just hope to encourage you to do "something" with your family
Something memorable. Something special.
Because tradition is important.

Tradition is stability and security. Tradition binds families together.
Tradition is how you will survive beyond your years.

This is our first year starting our own family traditions

but I hope my son will remember the things we do as a family.
Perhaps my grandchildren will also be spending Christmas baking cookies
and my son will tell them about the years we spent doing the same thing when he was little.

Whether it's visiting a soup kitchen (you overachiever, you!),

eating breakfast for dinner, rocking out to jingle bell rock,

giving each other gag gifts, opening gifts on the Epiphany,

celebrating Saint Nicholas Day,

or just simply baking cookies and giving them to your neighbors.

Just do something and keep doing it every year.

Do something that will go on in history...

your family history.

It's never too late - or too early - to start.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas. 



  1. What a wonderful Idea and Fun tradition... Not to mention Tasty :)

  2. @Ruby Jean

    thanks ruby! it's certainly straining on the pant buttons though :)