12 Days of Christmas - Glitter Ornaments

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jumping into the ornament section our party, welcome Kelley with her bright and beautiful glitter ornaments!!

* * *
Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock.  Take for example the glitter ornaments floating around blogland.. who knew that Pledge floor care could make beautiful Christmas decorations?!  I sure didnt.. but I was excited to try them.  They are very easy to do and would make a great personalized gift for anyone.  Best of all.. each ornament is under $2!  

You need: 
Pledge floor care (with the blue tip)
Clear glass Christmas ornaments
Container to empty excess pledge

Take off the metal topper.  Pour the pledge into the ornament.  Swirl it around and make sure you cover the entire inside.  Remove the excess into a cup or container.  

Pour your glitter into the ornament.  I used a folder piece of paper as a funnel.  Shake it until the ornament is covered.  Add more if needed.  Pour out the excess onto your paper funnel.  You can stop here or decorate the front like I did.  

I took a small paintbrush and dipped it into some modge podge.  Once I had the design I wanted I sprinkled it with red glitter.  I let it set and then brushed off the extra glitter and sealed it with another layer of modge podge.  

Let dry and then package as a gift or hang on your tree!  I love how these turned out!  I made some for my in-laws and my nephew plus a few for our tree ;)  

A breakdown of the cost:
Pledge floor care - $5
Ornaments - $3 (half off!)
Glitter - $1.5
Divide that by 6 ornaments - about $1.50 each!!

What do ya think?  Something your going to try?  Whats your favorite ornament on your tree?