12 Days of Christmas - Ornament Medley

Saturday, December 17, 2011

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Have a crafty Christmas tree with this medley of ornaments from Lisa!!

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I'm so excited to be participating in Nikki's 12 Days of Christmas event and to share five super inexpensive Christmas ornaments with you!!

Before I show you the ornaments, I think it's only polite that I introduce myself first!!
I'm Lisa, the craft-loving blogger behind Lisa's Craft Blog!!  Right now, I'm hosting a 26-Day Christmas Craft Marathon with 26 daily tutorials and an extended Linky Party!!  You should join the fun!!  I sincerely hope you'll check out my little corner of the "blogosphere" and help me celebrate my blog's "Grand Re-Launch" in January!!  There's going to be a really BIG giveaway too!! 

On to the Christmas ornaments!!  Each ornament cost under $1 to make and most of the supplies are available at your local dollar store, craft store, and/or Wal-Mart.  For the full step-by-step tutorials, just click on the name of the ornament.

Cost: $0.50 or less
This tree is rather easy and doesn't require the more expensive foam cone to make it!!  Here are the basic steps to making this Ribbon Tree Ornament: (1) Gather Supplies, (2) Make & Paint the Cone, (3) Cut & Add the Ribbon Strips, (4) Add the Star, (5) Prep the Trunk & Base, (6) Add the Trunk to the Cone, and you're Finished!!

Cost: $0.75 or less
This Paper & Lace Snowflake Ornament is one of my favorite ornaments I've made so far this year!!  This post included links to suppliers for high quality, yet extremely inexpensive lace and ephemera!!  There are even mini tutorials for making the lace "flower" and the sheet music cones used in this project!!

Cost: $1 or less
The parts that make up this Layered Disc Ornament can be used to make so many different variations of the same ornament!!  The layers that make up this particular ornament are (1) burlap on cardstock, (2) a accordion folded book page disc, and (3) a fake flower on cardstock with a plastic gem in the very center.  That's it!! Super simple!!

Cost: $0.50 or less
These are my other favorite ornaments that I've made this year and again they're really inexpensive!!  You can use craft sticks for the back to drop the cost of these Mossy Wooden Word Ornaments even lower!!  The wooden letters can be purchased at Wal-Mart for under $2.50 and the moss is only $1 per roll at Dollar Tree.

Cost: $0.10 or less
Yep, only 10 cents or less to make these Easy Ribbon Ornaments!!  The only supplies required for this project are printed ribbon, craft sticks, glue and hemp/jute cord!! These truly are easy... and cheap too!!

Thanks so much for checking out my guest post and I really hope you're inspired by these ornament tutorials.  If you make any of them, I would love to see the pictures and might even show them on my blog!!

Don't forget to link up your Christmas-themed projects to the 26-Day Christmas Craft Marathon Linky Party and to visit my blog during January to enter the "Grand Re-Launch Giveaway"!!

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