12 Days of Christmas - Craft Spoon Snowmen

Monday, December 12, 2011

{One Artsy Mama}

Little one, crafty fun with crqft spoon snowmen by Amy!!

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Hi!  I'm Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I am so excited to be here for Nikki's 12 Days of Christmas series!  Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and I get so excited about making decorations and gifts with and for the people I love.  I enjoy artsy-craftsy things of all kinds, and I'm happiest when I'm creating something.  I've been married to my best friend for almost 10 years and we have an adorable 3 year old, my "Little Crafter."  Some of my favorite times are spent creating things with him.

Today, I wanted to share with you a fun holiday project that Little Crafter and I made together.  There were some steps that were "mama jobs," but some of it was perfect for little hands too.  Whether you're looking for a "big girl" craft or something to do with your own little helper{s}, I hope you'll enjoy these:


- wooden craft spoons
- acrylic paint: white, black, orange, and any other colors you desire
- paintbrushes
- colored felt
- ribbon {cut into 5" pieces}
- thin silver cord
- very fine glitter
- pin backs, magnets, and/or cording
- craft glue and hot glue
- scissors

STEP 1: Paint spoons white and let dry.  This is a great job for mini-crafters.

STEP 2: Paint eyes, a nose, and a smile onto each spoon.  We used the bottom end of a paintbrush to get the eyes nice and round.  These can be as simple or as fancy as you like.  I added white highlights to the eyes, which you'll see in the next picture, or you can leave them as is.  You'll notice my photos don't show the smile until the very end...that's because I wanted to use a toothpick to get cute little dots and I couldn't find them at first!

STEP 3: Wrap felt piece around head and glue in place.  They kind of look like little members of the Royal guard, don't they? :)

STEP 4: Tie a piece of cord at the top of the spoon to gather the hat in. 

STEP 4: Paint buttons on lower part of spoon {you could also do this part when you paint the face}.

STEP 5: Hot glue ribbon above buttons to form scarf.

STEP 6: Spread a small amount of craft glue on surface of spoon and sprinkle with glitter! {Glitter makes everything better!}

STEP 7: Decide whether you want your snowmen to be pins, magnets, or ornaments and glue on the appropriate pieces.  We have a whole gaggle of snowmen...Little Crafter picked the colors.  Blue, red, and purple {for the Ravens} are his three favorites.  We're going to make pins for the ladies and magnets for the men in our family.

The best part about this craft was that it cost me absolutely nothing!  We had craft spoons galore left over from two previous projects; Uncle Sam pins and Turkey Placecards.  We always have ribbon, felt, and paint around here, so these guys were absolutely FREE!  And we made 20 of them!  You can't beat that!  I'm thinking our family is going to love them.  Thanks so much for letting me share this project with you today, and thanks to Nikki for the invitation to her fabulous 12 Days of Christmas party!  And, of course, I have to give a shoutout to the source of my inspiration.

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Hope you have a wonderful, joyful, blessing-filled holiday!


  1. Love checking out new blogs and this one is a winner! Thanks for linking and guest blogging for me to discover Nikki.

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