12 Days of Christmas - Letters for Santa

Monday, December 12, 2011

{Lacey in Love}

Precious parcels for Santa with Lacey!!

* * *

Hello, you lovely Everything Under The Moon readers!  I'm Lacey!  You can find me over at Lacey in Love, where I keep track of all the little tid-bits of my life.  A modern public diary of sorts where I document my life, share fun projects and inspirations, and share my work.  Come visit, take off your shoes and stay a while!


Thanksgiving is over.
The leftovers are disappearing.
Christmas is in full effect all around!
Makes me giddy, y'all!
Completely giddy!

Soon, if not already, children everywhere will begin slipping their letters to Santa in the mailbox & sticking up the little red outgoing mail flag.
If I can urge anything to parents around the holidays, it is this:
Grab that letter and tuck it away somewhere very safe.
Somewhere your children will never ever care to look... like a folder labeled "Taxes 2002" ;)
Do this every year, and when your children are all old enough...
wrap those letters in a box & stick them under the tree.
My Mom did this for my siblings & I many years ago and it gave us the best
Christmas morning giggles she'd heard in years!
We all sat together on the living room floor reading our letters aloud to one another
and laughing our heads off at the requests we had made.
It was the sweetest gift...
one better than any request we could have ever made on a Christmas list!

Go on, go on...
grab your sharpie & get to marking that file folder!
You'll thank me when you hear the giggles of your grown children on Christmas morning many years from now.

Thanks to Nikki for having me over to party with her!  Now I'm going to get these party pants off, put on some stretchy pants and eat holiday food. Don't you judge me!



  1. such a cute guest post. I remembering writing to santa. I need to help my nephew finish his letter!

  2. Thankyou for following sewloveit.blogspot.com, linked up and following back. :-)

  3. I just found your beautiful and stylish blog! I´m very happy about it!
    I´m a new follower and of course I will stay a while and read! ;)

    Have a wonderful day!