I ❤...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

...and by dandelions, I mean the seed heads. Don't they just look magical as their seeds blow through the air carrying all your wishes with them?  The image in blog header displays my love for the beautiful weeds, lol.


...and the tattoos. Oh the ink.

{1. Background: photo credit  2.photo credit  3.photo credit}
{Jenny Lee Tattoos}
When I move to my new place you will see dandelions incorporated in some way. Maybe like this...

{Household Words}

...and aren't these nails just beautiful?


Just think of all the wishes and dreams carried on each and every dandelion seed. 

Next week on I ❤... vintage cameras!



  1. Talk about inspirational. Love all the pics. Can't wait to see your vintage cameras.

  2. ...and think of all the new little dandelions popping up in the neighbor's backyard. lol Beautiful photos!!♥

  3. The seed heads almost make the yellow buggers overtaking my yard worth it. Almost.

  4. I absolutely love the pictures (and your blog). I found your blog from the Reflections blog hop. You can follow me at www.lucasandmahina.com.

  5. Awh I love dandelions! I have a whole pinterest bored devoted to them :)
    xo Shane

  6. Well my goodness, how cute are you!!! Thanks for the sweet note about my Valentines Printables and inviting me to share them here! That means a lot to me!! I am now a follower of your DARLING blog, seriously, I love it!! I hope you follow me next time you come over for a visit!