She is lovely.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today is my mother's birthday.  This woman.  This amazing woman.

My mother has always been a pillar of strength and courage.  When I was six years old my father passed away suddenly and my mother managed to hold everything together.  She kept me and my sister in private school and gave us the best of everything and even she was struggling, I never knew it.  How she did it, I will never understand. 'Til this day she amazes me.

My mother has taught me how to be independent, be strong, be self sufficient, and courageous.  She has shown me how to be a good person and to treat people right, not only through her words but from her example. She has taught me how to love, fully and completely.  She has taught me self-sacrifice and how to truly give part of yourself to others and be able to be fulfilled by their happiness.  Love pours off of my mother. Sometimes I believe there is not a truly mean bone in her body.

My mother, she means the world to me. The lessons in life she has taught me will benefit me endlessly. She raised me and my sisters with morals and a clear cut definition of right and wrong. She is always there for me and she is the greatest Nana that any girl could ever ask for.  Zee completely adores her.

Her undying faith in the Lord is inspiring and her search for the good in all people is a rare and desirable quality.

I love my mother. I love my mother to the ends of the earth and back. Inside and out, she is beauty and she is elegance. She is my Mummy and she is my world.

Happy Birthday, Mummy
Oceans of Love and Seas of Kisses


  1. Birthday blessings to your beloved mother! I hope she has a beautiful day filled with fond recollections and makes new memories she can treasure tomorrow.

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  2. Happy Birthday to a woman who's beautiful, both inside and out. :-)

  3. Oh Nikki... What a PRECIOUS Birthday Tribute to your Beloved Mother...Oh I could just feel the LOVE that was pouring forth from your heart as you spoke of her... What a Blessing to Be LOVED by a SELF-LESS person and to be able to look back and see that LOVE and to Cherish it the way you do... Happy Happy Birthday to your SWEET SWEET Momma!!! :)

  4. What an amazing and beautiful entry! :D Happy Birthday to her!


  5. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! Happy birthday to her!

  6. Hi Nikki, a very moving tribute to your mother on her birthday, she sounds like a really special lady!
    I am starting my first linky called Seasonal Celebration Sunday today over on Natural Mothers Network .com. I would be simply delighted if you'd link up this post. I really hope to see you there. Rebecca x