In a year's time...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today is an anniversary of sorts. Well, actually it is an anniversary. Today is the day that I started writing this blog, one year ago! When I started writing this blog though, it was under another name Photographer ...Naturally and was originally meant to share my journey into photography and natural hair. The blog since then took on a feel of it's own and so on September 18th 2011, I decided to change the name of the blog to Everything Under the Moon and encompass all of the things that I love.  So I would really consider September 18th my bloggiversary because that is the day Everything Under the Moon was really born and took on the life it has now BUT today is still a milestone because it is the day that blogging became a very real part of my life!!

My first post:

In the beginning...

It is never too late to be who you might have been. ~George Eliot

…and so I become.  Beginning on this journey to photography genius :)  Along the way, I'm getting crafty. I'm getting artsy. I'm creating. I'm cooking. I'm shooting …and most importantly, I'm learning. Lover and wearer of natural hair, there is beauty in our creation and there is beauty in the art of life.  I am shooting it and I am living it.


In the last year I really have gotten artsy and crafty. I've created and cooked and shot lots of photos and I have definitely learned!!  I have even had the chance to talk about my adventures in motherhood with you guys and share my little girl with all of you and learn about all of your adventures as well which is an added plus! There have been some breaks in between and there have been LOTS of changes but I have enjoyed each and every moment writing Photographer ...Naturally and Everything Under the Moon and have been blessed to "meet" so many great bloggers/friends along the way. 

As a big thank you for all that you guys have made this blog and as a celebratory gift, I am doing a giveaway this weekend!!  Keep your eyes peeled!! :)

Here are some of the posts from our first year together...




Natural Hair


Thank you for a wonderful year. Let's make this one that much better!!


  1. Oh, I love those butterfly bottles. You gave me an idea...Thanks for stopping by! Love the blog.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for stopping by. I am actually running the same giveaway soon :)
    new follower!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! OH... Aisha's hair is GORGEOUS!!!!

  4. Congrats on a successful year! I wish you will have many more! ♥♥