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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meet some of my new sponsors for February!!
This month I asked my sponsors, what is/was your favorite (childhood) cartoon?

Gentri Lee

My name is Gentri and I blog over at Gentri Lee. I'm a twenty something year old who usually acts like I'm 80... or 5, I'm currently in school to become an esthetician, and I LOVE exploring. I like to post about life and all of it's adventures, including- exploring, skin care tips, fashion, crafts/DIY's, food/ recipes, inspirations, things that make me laugh, and anything else I want to throw in.

My favorite childhood cartoon would have to be... Arthur. I'll be honest... I still love watching it with my nieces and nephew. haha!

Anywhere is

Hi, I'm Ronni! I blog over at anywhere-is.net and have been so for nearly 12 years. I blog about life, and I post lots of pictures. Please stop by and visit!

My favorite childhood cartoon. Hmm. I always enjoyed cartoons, not sure I had a favorite. I did like The Flintstones, and anything with Mickey Mouse was always a win. 

Pineapple Lily

Hello! I'm Melissa from Pineapple Lily! I'm a wife, a mom of three, a runner and wanna be funny girl. I blog about things I love, beer and wine, and random stories that are sure to make you laugh. 

My favorite childhood cartoon was Rainbow Bright!

Family Ever After

My blog, Family Ever After, is my excuse for "continuing education." I was a Family and Consumer Science Education in major in college, and I enjoy converting my every day living into a life of its own on the blog. Basically it's a big mish mash of sewing, crafting, food, family, travel, gardening, clogging, pictures, my thoughts, and a link party on Friday night.

My favorite childhood cartoon is/was Mickey Mouse!

If you are interested in sponsor swapping, email me at 3nikkimonet3@gmail.com for more details!!

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