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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hey Guys! So the I ❤... series will be posted tonight. I didnt get a chance to finish writing up the post last night so I will have to finish when I get home for worky work but I wanted to talk to you guys/ remind you guys about a few things.


I know it's already February 1st but Everything Under the Moon is now accepting sponsors!! Woo Hoo. Now that we've reached 500+, I would love to be able to give other blogs the chance to advertise here. So here is the deal.

$5 for a 225x100 ad for one month
SWAP ads for a month for FREE!!

Also at the beginning of the month (or the middle of the month this month) I will do a spotlight on each of my new sponsors that month!!

I'm really excited about this guys because it will give me the change to maybe find some new blogs or even get to know some of your blogs even better. 

If you would be interested in advertising (buy or swap) shoot me an email at 3nikkimonet3@gmail.com

* * *


I also want to remind you guys about the My Memories Suite giveaway going on right now!!  I am telling you guys, this software is pretty SWEET!! You want to definitely want to head over and enter the giveaway. It ends next week so you have plenty of time!

* * *

Keep your eyes peeled for some series and features that are going to be coming your way. Also, there will be some new giveaways in the very near future as Everything Under the Moon is reaching an important milestone this month!!

Thank all of you so much for being a part of Everything that goes on Under the Moon ;)
Loving my bloggy friends!!

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