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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I love pickles!! I have always loved them, to the point where I drink cups of pickle juice.  Yes, it's that serious.  When I was pregnant with Zee, I was nauseous every single day for three months and pickles were the perfect curve to my nausea in all their beautiful saltiness.

I like many kinds of pickles. Sour dill pickles are bestest but the peppery, spicy one's are great too! Sometimes at Shaw's (a grocery store in the Boston area) they have the old barrels filled with pickles. I got one from their when I was preggers and it was sooo spicy that my nose was running and my eyes were watering. I loved every minute of it!!

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My mom's favorite pickles are bread and butter pickles. They're kinda sweet and not at the top of my list but I do eat 'em.  I even eat the pickles that are almost still just cucumbers but with a slight flavor.  My absolute favorite pickles right now are made right here in the Boston area.  Grillo's Pickles! You guys, seriously, YUMMO!!  The hot one's are out of this world!! Coming in at $6.99 a jar, they're a little bit more than your average pickle, but well worth it!

I think homemade pickles are somewhere in my very near future.

Oh... and can you say pickles in a pouch?!!! Yes, por favor!

Do you think people even like pickles enough to tattoo them? ....

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(even I don't love them that much, lol)

I've heard that some people, oh dare I say it, HATE PICKLES!!! 
Are you a pickle lover or hater?

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  1. It's easy to make your own pickles...you should try it next July/August when cucumbers are in season! :D

  2. I like pickles. Especially with a corned beef sandwich on rye with mustard. Mmm. Oh man, I'm hungry!

  3. I LOVE pickles! My husband on the other hand can't stand them! A pickle can always fix any craving. Best recipe, pickle roll ups! (Ham and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle and then sliced into bite size pieces -- a Minnesota staple!) This post made me smile today! :)

  4. OMG!!!!! I thought I was the only one who love pickles to the point I drink the juice by the cup I freeze it and I have to have one after dinner like a cigarette and when I was little I stole them out of the store and hid the jars in my dresser drawers LOL gonna go get one now