I ❤ You Crayons

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Together, we peeled the papers off the crayons.  She enjoyed being able to "destroy" them.

"mauvelous" ~he he

After peeling a whole bunch of crayons we broke them into small pieces and placed them in heart shaped silicone molds for easy removal.

Baking away at 250 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Once they've cooled and hardened, we removed them from the baking cups and voila!

The kiddo loved them!!


When making my Valentine's Candy Cups I decided that I wanted to include a little something more than just candy. I had come across these crayon hearts from Creative Mommas and decided they would be the perfect addition to my little baskets and also a fun little crafty project for me and my two year old to share.


  1. SUPER CUTE! WHere did you get the molds?

  2. That is SOOO cute! I'll definitely be logging this project away for when its my turn to be Super Mummy

  3. Thank you :) I got them from Target.

  4. Thanks for the linkback :) They turned out so cute!!