Spring Cleaning : Light and Fancy Fun Wreath

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Like many, I spend 40-60 hours a week sitting at a desk earning a living. If that much time has to spent in one space that space should been comfortable and inviting. Hence, the first step in my spring cleaning.  A day on Twitter brought me across a tweet from Tori, the owner of one of my favorite blogs, Thoughtfully Simple. She was sharing a lovely bird themed baby shower which featured a beautiful wreath.  At the time, no tutorial was posted, but the idea stayed on mind. Then I came across another, slightly different, burlap wreath on another favorite blog, Peace, Love, 2 Sisters and I decided to combine the two ideas to come up with an idea of my own

I decided to go with something a little more springy and bright then the original idea I saw to lighten up my workspace and welcome in the Spring season. 

Cast of Characters:
1 Styrofoam wreath
Fabric for fabric flowers
Straight pins
Sticker letters
Stock paper
Leaf Embellishment (the fabric store didn't have what I needed so I had to go what you see here. I'll probably change it later.)

First I started by making my fabric flowers (See tutorial here).  I decided to use three different kinds of fabric just for different textures and sizes.


Then it was time to make the wreath itself. The process involved tracing circles onto the burlap.I just used a cup and a Sharpie for this. Then I cut out each of the circles, folded the circles in half, folded the semi circles in half and the placed a pin through the folds.


Then I pinned each of the circles onto the styrofoam wreath until completely covered. Set some time aside for this because it definitely takes awhile to finish.


Once this is complete, make the "welcome" sign (sorry I dont have pics of this part). Cut your stock paper to the size that fits and use your sticker letters to write out the word that you'd like to display. Then either glue or pin on your fabric flowers, sign, and leaf embellishment and that's it!

(In it's temporary home 'til back to work Monday!)
Stay tuned for more fun updates to my Springtime cubicle!!


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