Guilty Pleasure = Barefoot Foodie

Friday, April 8, 2011

There are just some days when you need a laugh, or need someone to relate to, or just plain need to see that someone else's life is as crazy as yours ...and that's when I visit Barefoot Foodie. Brittany knows how to pull the comedy out of life in EVERY situation.  The honesty in each post bares resemblence to a moment, day, or thought that we've each had but didn't dare share.  The way that Brittany tells each story, speaking completely in stream of consciousness, is genius in itself.

I was perusing through old emails and came across an old Barefoot Foodie post entitled Birds, that I had shared previously and I cracked up all over again.  So I made a visit to the site and came across I might need a lawyer. Preferably one who works for coupons for back rubs and car washes.  Accidentally leaving your car door open and coming back to a beef jerky filled, raccoon pee covered car, ok so I cant really explain it but you cant make this stuff up ladies and gentleman. 

Every peek into Brittany's world, with her beautiful mind and even more beautiful family, is a delight. Any of my readers that need to add a little honest humor to their day please head over to Barefoot Foodie and visit Brittany and see what she and her fun loving family are up to today!



  1. Holy crap. You have made my night. no...MY WEEK.

    You are amazing, thank you so much!

  2., thank YOU for sharing with us!