12 Days of Christmas - Christmas Garland

Monday, December 19, 2011


Festive, fun and super simple garland with Sibylle!!

* * *

We are packing and packing and packing! I am so excited! We will go to Montreal for a week and then fly at the beginning of next month! You will see a lot of travel photos soon! I also thought, I would take you with me on our house/apartment hunt!

In the meantime, I made an easy peasy Christmas Garland! (I should really be packing, lol)

Just run the needle through the styrofoam balls and cut little strips out of masking tape. Glue the tape onto the thread with the styrofoam balls and that's all.

Have you downloaded the Christmas Washi Tape I made yet? Go get it! And don't forget to share your wish for Christmas here! And grab this button if you support local and handmade!

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